Facts about Breasts

increase breast sizeEvery part of our body has it own secret. So did the breast. Besides the fact that the breast vulnerable to sunlight, do you know that there are 4 million fake breasts around us.

Most women just confusing how beautiful the shape of the breast. Women are busy having silicone breast and try to compare with bra model.

From now on you should know some important things about the breast.

Breasts can grow fat
when entering the age of 20 years; the breasts begin to produce fat, milk glands and collagen. "In that age, glands and collagen shrinks and is replaced by fat and more fat," explained Laurie A Casa, a plastic surgeon from Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine. Usually your bra size will increase. Wearing a tight bra will not help you through this growth phase.

Heavy breasts can be deceiving
Heavy breasts can be measured from a bra size. Suppose A is a quarter cup of punch, a bra with cup B weighs about half a pound, cup C is estimated to weigh 3 / 4 cup D weighs one pound.

Breast skin elastic
Breast skin is very elastic. To keep the breast moist you should put with special moisturizing cream. This can stimulate collagen and maintain elasticity of the breast. Do not ignore your nipples. Consult your doctor what the appropriate moisturizer for your breasts.

The growth of hair around the breasts is normal
almost every woman has hair around her breasts. However, growth rates varied. There is a subtle form but some are black and thick. This is normal, you do not need to fear if the breasts start overgrown fur judged excessive. .

Each pair of breasts has its own point
It turned out that not only presents nipples of different sizes. The location and direction between a woman's nipples with the other also varies. "There is a nipple that direction up, down, left or right depending on the structure of the breast and dark circles," said Dr.Casas. Circle around the nipple sometimes bigger and can make the nipples pointing upward. Others are lower or close to the edge of the breast. A woman may have a different nipple direction from one another.

Breasts have a monthly cycle also
Rise and fall of hormones can cause breast tissue you change every week. This can be measured by your monthly cycle or during menstruation. The day after your period, breast tissue is more delicate. Mid-period elapsed; your nipples will become more sensitive due to increased estrogen. A week before menstruation and during menstruation lasts; the excessive hormone progesterone will make your breasts enlarged, uneven and painful. Try the consumption of painkillers recommended by your doctor or drinking caffeine can help relieve pain in the breast.

See your doctor
Because the monthly cycle also affects the breast you'll want to do the check-up. From the results of the examination can be known about the condition of your breasts. What is fine or vice versa. Through this examination, breast problems can be known earlier. Be careful with breast cancer today are increasingly growing.

There are 4 million fake breasts
Approximately 2 million women in the United States have breast implants fake by doing. About 250 thousand women who perform this operation every year. On average, these women perform the operation when entering the age of 34 years and 90% of them do so after having children. In that time they felt her breasts are not beautiful anymore. But not all women are happy with the results of the implant.6% of these women later had them pull out of silicon implanted in her breast.

Implant still risky to do
Although studies have not found negative effects that occur after the planting operation lasted silicon, but silicon and the like it also have side effects. Nearly 10% of cases occur after breast implant is a flat, wrinkled, and they will perform other operations to cope with it. Although small, the planting operation silicon remains a risk of infection and bleeding.

Breasts can sunburn even if you wear a bra
Although your bikini or swimsuit cover the breast, is still the threat of sunburn can occur in the breast. Thin swimsuit can only block the sun with SPF 5 or 7. So basting the breast with the protection cream containing SPF 15 plus UVA and UVB. Without adequate protection of the breast will become wrinkled and brown spots arise.



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